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This morning my uncle invited me to go enjoy golf with him at his club SLGCC. It's my first experience to play golf, I never understand why rich people like to play golf so I take the opportunity to join him. We went out 8am for 9holes, usually a complete game is 18holes but uncle say 9holes is good enough for light exercise & enjoyment. After 9 holes my uncle told me to accompany him for drinks & food at the club terrace overlooking the amazing scenery golf course. Before we start our conversation, below are some of my result.

Last week uncle told me to look back glove, I manage to grab SUPERMX on Monday, thereafter it started to rebound aggressively! Thanks to my uncle for such a great timely inform tips!

Last week our meeting summary:

I still holding hopefully can go higher until bonus issue on 4/9.

KPOWER that he told me since 13/7 has doing so well last week, thanks to the good result, hopefully it will achieve new high soon.


Since KPOWER result so good, I decide to hold until it share split 1 become 2 and see that time can go how much. Hopefully can reach above RM 4.0.

Meanwhile I still holding SCIB too.

And also anyone interested to join my telegram channel for latest article, can follow channel below :

Below are some of our conversation while enjoying the golf course scenery, so green, just like my portfolio :)

Me: Hey Uncle, I can't stop myself to thank you over and over. You really make my days turn so bright!
Him: Good to hear that, you must have managed to scoop some glove stock at low?

Me: Yes! I managed to buy SUPERMX, and CAREPLS, COMFORT for some short-term gain. I am still holding my SUPERMX for bonus.
Him: Well done my boy! You even know to aim second liner glove for short term, looks like you are improving fast.

Me: Without Uncle’s hint, I don't think I can make it well, because last week the entire market saying that glove stocks are dead, vaccines are coming out, bursa & the banks are stopping contra trading for healthcare stock, emotionally I was badly affected but luckily for me, I had your wisdom words to guide me the right way again and again.
Him: This is how the market works, just learn how to differentiate, and what the market actually wants. Sooner or later you can learn to adapt to it.

Me: Oh yah, KPOWER also big up after good result, this one really tested my patience too.
Him: Yes it is time for it to show movement, good that you still holding it.

Me: Haha, Uncle, I believe in your picks so much that I would not sell it unless there is a huge movement upwards in the price but actually why you ask me to look at this stock last time?  Whats so special about this stock?
Him: I guess you already read some of the company’s background, it's similar to SCIB, it's simply due to Serbadk founder Karim bought stake in it. I can see that this is a very trustable person, he walks the talk.

Me: Yes, I agree with that, after they step in, KPOWER, SCIB have been doing really well lately, manage to increase order book by so much. I believe they can continue to perform!
Him: Many times, people actually neglected about company management when investing in the stock market but it's a very important factor that needs to be considered. A good management only can bring the company to greater height. If you read some articles back in end of July, the managing director targeted 5 billion market capitalisation in 5 years time.

Me: Let me calculate, 5 billion market capitalisation is RM 44.21, woah now only RM 2.85, the management seems to be very ambitious! If they can achieve it, I want buy some more tomorrow! hahaha
Him: Well of course 5 years many things can happen we don't know yet but for sure this year 500 million market capitalisation of roughly RM 4.40 is definitely more achievable.

Me: Wow, even at RM 4.40 I would be a very happy & proud shareholder already haha.
Him: Since you already have KPOWER, might as well look at ISTONE too.

Me: ISTONE? Something new to me.
Him: Again, SERBADK co-founder Awang has become the substantial shareholder of this company. I see the potential bringing value over & drive ISTONE to new high soon.

Me: Wuah.. ok ok following week I must monitor it as well. Hehe Thanks uncle.

After this golf session, I realize that I still need to do a lot more reading on news, without uncle’s hints, I definitely missed out a lot of good information. Hopefully this following week, all my stocks in hand can fly high. Currently I am holding SUPERMX, EDGENTA, KPOWER, SCIB. And thinking to add ISTONE this week.

Hopefully all the stock this week will can fly sky high like golf ball !

Above sharing is not to telling you to buy or sell, to buy or sell depends on your own judgement.


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