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A deeper research was done by looking at more details of the MOU at Generax website.
From Generax’s announcement with Bintai (not disclosed in Bursa), it can be seen that the signing of the formal agreement is imminent. Which could come as soon as the coming first week of September. When this happens, what do you think will happen to the share price of Bintai?


Another closer look was done from Generax’s website revealed that Generax is very confident that they are able to commercially manufacture and distribute their vaccine in as soon as 5 months from August 2020. That is January 2021. If you think the share price of Bintai is high now, think again. You won’t see such a low price in the coming months when the deployment of Generax’s vaccine is nearing.

According to the MOU, one of Bintai’s obligations is to mass produce billions of vaccine dosses. What does this statement means to you in terms of the future profits of Bintai?

… and most importantly, Generax isn’t doing all the research works alone. Generax is teaming up with EpiVax (Another big name in vaccination) and several partners in China to expedite the process. With such strength of teamwork, successfully developing a vaccine, manufacturing and distribution in 5-9 months from now is not a dream.

After the shooting star candle on 26th August, notice that the sell down was well supported on 27th August, even after the release of a bad QR results. It closed green even with bad QR results. On 28th August, buyers start coming in again in the late afternoon, again suggesting that selling force is diminishing. It is expected that the short term sellers are gone and the only way forward for Bintai is up, with RM1 target price no longer a dream in the first week of September.

There are 3 stages of price rally. Early, mid and end. In glove counters, we are seeing late/ end stages with all the bad news going around. But for vaccine counters such as Bintai, it is still early for the rally. Everyday there are only positive vaccine news now.

Is it time to change and look on "greater" potential stock. Those glove stocks already rallied for  >300% -500%, some even 1000%, would you expect another 1000% for gloves? If yes, that will only happen in Vaccine Stocks such as Bintai for now.

Futhermore, you may observe how many joint venture/ new into glove business by only this few months. AT, Titi, MQTech etc. It is same as the moment that we saw a lot of new cafes set up, lot of new bubble tea shops open, lot of finger fried Korean Chicken due to the sudden "need and attention". This is a sign that things are coming to end very soon for Glove counters. Those joined at last glove ship will sink together. For us, the last ship for gloves are departing now. It will sail forever with the same price and speed until it drop drastically with the continuous update from Vaccine news.

Lastly, this latest news alone will guarantee a vaccine theme rally tomorrow
The last time Bintai kena goreng was right before some news about fast tracking vaccines
FDA willing to fast track coronavirus vaccine before phase three trials end

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