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Net profit (‘000)

Share Price during result announcement

Q2 Feb 2009


Q2 Feb 2010
Profit x1.96
Share price  x2.62
Q2 2020


Q4 2020
850000 (347895x2.5)
Profit  x7.35
Share Price x9.8

During H1N1 pandemic, during initial outbreak , Top Glove announce a net profit of 36 million, Q2 Feb 2009. Its profit jump to 70.5 million during its profit peak on Q2 Feb 2010, a multiple of 1.96 increase in profit. The share price during that time  increase from 2.67 to 7.00 , an increase by multiple of 2.62.

For the current Covid 19 pandemic, its profit may jump from 115 million (Q2 2020)  to 850 million (upcoming Q4 2020). Supermax register a x5.62 times increase in net profit Q3 to Q4 2020 result. Thus , let said Top Glove conservatively only register a multiple of x2.5 increase in profit , its 347895 x2.5, its profit is already 870 million . This is a multiple of 7.35 increase in net profit compare to Q2 2020. Thus its share price is estimated to increase by 9.8 times based on the ratio. RM6.20 (Q2 2020)  will become 60.00, if the history repeat itself. The target price of TopGlove of RM60.00 is not a dream, it is achievable. Don’t forget it is only two quarters  of increasing profit which market is  expected still have few quarters of increasing profit to come . This is once in a lifetime opportunity for all the investors.


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