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 When we think about Timber's stock, the first on my mind is Always WTK (4243). This is because WTK had been in the Lumber Chopping business more than few decade. The share price hit RM 4.00 in 2007 but slowly consolidated to the all time low at 20sen during MCO in March 2020.

ALthough the company had been running in the loss since 2016 but the company is sitting on the huge asset with healthy financial. Company NTA is 2.03 which is 4 times against the current price of just 50cents.

WTK come into my radar after the Lumber 's Future hitting the all time high at USD 801.90 yesterday. The lumber's future had been rally since June 2020 from USD 300+ to current level USD 801.90. This show the increase of more than 150% in less than 2 months. This is due to world shortage of Lumber and couple by some country like USA, Japan, China who have recently badly hit by natural disaster. (the sources from investing.com)

When we talking about gloves, we have latex gloves(from natural resources) and nitrile gloves (synthetics chemicals). Somehow, both can be replace in general. As topgloves said they need 1 year lead time for any new order and higher ASP (average selling price) due to the strong demand. So, What about Lumber or Timber when there are facing shortage???

Is that the synthetic wood that made from plastics can be the same quality as natural Timber??? This mean no replacement for Timber or Lumber at ALL.... When gold price hitting the higher price someone may not purchase or invest in gold. When the shortage of Timber occurs, there will be a superb nightmare as timber is the essential building materials for housing and infrastucture.

Timber and tree cant be growth in overnight. Its take decade to grow a tree.

This mean WTK is currently sitting inside the goldmines as they are one of the biggest timber exporter in Malaysia.

Disclaimer : The above opinion is never intended to be a BUY CALL whatsoever. I am sharing my observations ONLY based on fundamental; past history; current trading pattern; charts etc. Please make your own informed decision before buying this share or whatever share for that matter.


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