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NTPM Holdings Berhad has been in the paper manufacturing industry since 1975. The Company makes the best quality of products, satisfying the demands from the global market. NTPM Holdings Berhad consistently growing in corporate, social and economic aspect, enabling them to provide the best while growing steadily. The paper with cut out of tree and tissue box as visual representing the Company grows big and makes the best of quality, while preserving the environment within capability. NTPM Holdings Berhad will continuously overcome all sorts of challenges and grow to be bigger and serve the best.
1. NTPM’s Products - You Use it Everyday
Source: NTPM's Website and Annual Report
2. Panic Buying of Toilet Roll Again? Wait...Is the Demand sustainable?

Higher Usage of Toilet Paper - When They Spend Most of the Time at Home
"People might need as much as 40% more toilet paper at home for “occasions” (as the industry calls them) that would otherwise happen at workplaces, restaurants, or hotels. But they bought far more: Sales were up nearly 71% year over year in the nine weeks through May 2, according to Nielsen. They would have risen even higher—except that people can’t find enough toilet paper to buy."
Source: Fortune.com

NTPM: There Will Be a Sustained Demand for the Group's Products
"The group also expects new users who have started to use our products to continue doing so, even after the Covid-19 pandemic has come to an end and as such, that there will be a sustained demand for the group’s products."
Source: The Edge Markets

3. What About Its Earnings? Did not Perform in the Past.

Correlation Between Pulp Prices (Raw Material Prices) and NTPM's Earnings

The Pulp, Paper, and Allied Products Prices Hit Almost New Low, Should We See Stronger Earnings in NTPM moving forward?

4. Most If Not All my Peers' Share Prices Broke New High

What About NTPM?

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