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Pure.Glove          GLOVE.ROUND.1               GLOVE.ROUND.2
                        high     low    %drop          high     low     %drop

TOPGLOV       18.00   14.02   -22.1%         29.30  23.32   -20.4%
SUPERMX        9.30     6.50    30.1             24.44  17.20    29.6
KOSSAN           9.45     7.65   19.0             19.50  14.22     27.1
HARTA             13.50   11.20   17.0             21.16  15.66    26.0

CAREPLS          1.89    1.20    36.5              5.83   3.01      48.3
COMFORT         4.22    2.56    39.3              7.28   3.60      50.5

The above # showed super bull GLOVE.ROUND.1 and ROUND.2 were so good so so GOOD.
As indicated the perfect buy pt (x1, y1) = low of ROUND.1 n the best sell pt (x2, y2) = high of ROUND.2
U can calculate those gains. Can U also see the low = buy pt of ROUND.3?
GLOVE.ROUND.3 will be simply unprecedented.
POSITION well for the big time u must .,.

We edi experienced the 1st MRNA vaccine wolf scare. n this 2nd time by
Russian vaccine news flow had massively forced gloves into correction mode.
Would investors be as scary if the 3rd wolf call comes on the way?

GLOVES plunged on 2 counts into CORRECTION phase
i. The russian vaccine scare, followed immediately to
ii. Forced selling across the board by ib on last Friday Aug 14th

Remember that msian former chinese.newspaper stock mkt reporter who became
successful fund manager based in hong.kong said:

He's indeed referring to ib margin calls.
Be well connected to the ib margin managers. they r in the know, few times a
year the forced selling is done on klse. ib created the
                    KLSE.GRAND.SALE .,.
Anyone who tracks them, pls shouts out loud n advises all at right timing !
The right timing sell hint for msian stocks in every cycle:
Everytime the small wonders go multiple limit up, the ALONG will capture those sky high top prices n these stocks will crash leading to margin call by ib.
Forced selling on margin call is the only opportune timing to take xtra risk to use margin accounts. Practise it n u will be like a mini successful IMF.

The lowest prices on last Friday Aug 14th would form the floor level for GLOVE.ROUND.3
Expect a meaningful REBOUND hopefully starting early this week for a 3-4 continuous
mkt days. n it could then enter into 2-3 weeks of flat consolidation like airport, for the huge take-off .,.
The catalyst will come from the 2 BONUS ex date on Sep 3rd n 4th n TOPGLOV superb QR near to Sep 20th.

NB: Vaccine with  < 90%  effective rate = the VIRUS is still around = GLOVES is still the BEST biz in the world to the LAST virus.
Tis bio.war like ww2 could take 3-5 years, making

GLOVES the best of the BEST biz :
i. sold 100% capacity at increasing ASP, up 3 folds to 4, 5, 6 folds over
last year, with full order book up to 450 days for delivery n counting...
ii. super gungho giant PAT every next QR is a certainty
iii. GLOVE.STOCK is derisk, meaning ZERO risk for investors
iv. GLOVE.ROUND.3 is on the way, so will ROUND 4, 5, 6 ...

The greatest glove stocks now r :
Every next QR, PAT is ever better for gloves, guaranteed.
So just focus on the next immediate 3 mths, no need to think too far abt new expansion n newcomers.
The same issue about vaccine news flow will come to rob us of our big profits.
Glove Round 1, n 2 just ended saw the peak prices plunged down 20% for TG to 30 for SPM, even to 50% for K+.
Lots of money just disappeared.

This same exact pattern will duplicate up to ROUND 3, 4, 5 n beyond ...

The KEY # is WAIT LIST days.
TG with 450 days + is the longest among them all = has the best winning biz model to future expansion ...


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