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 Hello ladies and gentlemen, as per my previous post, I had promised to search for more information regarding the company’s credential / track record in relation to healthcare.

But before we dive into it, here’s a quick recap from my previous post.

    HWGB collaborate with a US company called E-MO Biology
    HWGB give money to E-MO Biology to do their research for covid-19 vaccine prevention using Polio vaccine
    Polio vaccine MAY work. It is yet to be proven. 50/50

Basically, after going through the company’s annual report and previous news coverage about the company, I understand why some investors here are labeling them as a fraud. The company had moved from one business to another while making losses for the past 10 years! And now, they are trying to do healthcare??

So, the question is, can HWGB pull this off by tapping into healthcare? And who are these guys partnering? E-MO Biology? Do they have the capabilities? Who is Qiyi Xie?

Did abit of searching on the E-MO Biology and as it turns out…


No info about this company. Only incorporated in May 2020. lol???? Interestingly suspicious.

But … I did found the company’s CEO profile; Qiyi Xie which is the only info that appears on Google Search.

Based on their reply to Bursa’s query, (https://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/apbursaweb/download?id=105786&name=EA_GA_ATTACHMENTS), and other online search, this dude’s profile seems macam boleh. I even found his linkedin profile (based on his academic profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/qiyi-chee-e-xie-shieh-3124bb13/)

Well, the good news is at least we know that this Qiyi Xie is a real life dude and not just some made up person.

In fact, surprisingly, his name pops up quite frequently inside a FDA page for another company called ACON Laboratories Inc. (https://fda.report/Company/Qiyi-Xie). Then again, this page mentioned that they are not associated with FDA so I am uncertain about the website’s credibility. And here is another site showing its research publications (Again, unsure of its credibility - https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Qiyi_Xie)

In conclusion, is hard to validate their JV partner as information is scarce. Personally, I think they must achieve their next milestone which is getting the FDA approval to begin the trial. Otherwise, all these would be just talking and meaningless.

And before I end, interestingly the company had made several announcements as of late in regards to their healthcare venture. Perhaps we can talk more about that in the next piece. Till then.

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