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My internet service provider is one of the leading private telco. The service went down on 11th of August 2020 and yet to be restored because the copper cables were stolen.

Of course, support call to restore Internet connection was made. Unfortunately, calls were not attended. Automated answering machine repeated menu options. After clicking through the options to request for a human support, you are put on hold and to annoy, the ads blared away. Waited patiently for 15 minutes but nothing happened. Can't wait anymore because the call to 1800-xxxxxx numbers are charged to your monthly bill if you are not with the same operator. Complaint was made at main branch but untll today problem is not solved.

Today they boast about new normal in working and suppose to be efficient at blazing speed with computerised technology. DREAM ON!! With multiple communication tools such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, email, the response remains in dire straits. It is also insulting when the response is scripted the same manner. The contactless support is a boon for the laidbacks. Equally incompetent are the managements and supervision. The new normal is to avoid being contacted and earn a salary without sweating.

The telco is dependent on TM to restore the connection. But what is surprising, despite having all the materials and workforce, TM is taking ages to replace the stolen cables. It has been almost 12 days.

The whole TELCO industry sucks big time. Customer and support services are hopeless, both in private and public entities.


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