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Won legal case against JAKS.

Reward: 130+m + interest. Interest still counting until JAKS settle everything. Total maybe more than 200M.

Now, We all know:
* STAR is a great brand. Digital media transformation stuffs on going.
* STAR NTA is more than RM1 with tons of it in cold hard cash.
* STAR 50%+- shareholders are politically linked.
* STAR price used to be RM3 to rm4. 2018 still above RM0.5 to high of RM1.
* STAR anytime could be privatized.
* STAR market cap now is below 300m at below RM0.4 per share.
* Plenty of rumors about how STAR is going to MONETIZE their cash and lands.
* Possible Special Large Dividend

Potential winner in the making.

* Media business is so so.
* Immediate QR may not be so nice.
* Other market events overshadow.
* GE
*** This is not a post to suggest buy or sell. Take your own risk pls.


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