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Russia World number 1 vaccine coming next week on Aug 12.

Russia talks with Germany about co-manufacturing
Russia talks with Phillipines about vaccine helps
Russia plans mass vaccination campain in October

Russia claimed receive interest from 20 countries about vaccine ventures.

Now, we all know:
* Western where their own vaccine developers still doing trials wouldn't be acknowledging any success in Russia vaccine because huge money are in involved besides sovereignty topics. This denial is not important to market. A lof of countries will beg vaccine from Russia in order to calm their people and claim success in fighting virus.
* Russia population is around 150m. Russia vaccine may not be 100% effective. Russia virus cases may be still increasing. This is not important. Market sentiment will be bullish even if the vaccine is just plain water.
* Russia still relies a lot on oil income, same for Saudi. If not for Oil war, oil price still be above USD50 now, even if virus crisis happened.

My Cari Makan List:
* Oil counters (Armada, KNM, Perdana, Dayang, Carimin, Uzma, Sapura Energy, Coastal, Deleum)
* Pharma counters (Pharma DPharma, Kotra, DKSH)

* Immediate QR may not be so nice.
* Other market events overshadow.
* GE

*** This is not a post to suggest buy or sell. Take your own risk pls.


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