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    OBM and Distribution Centres

First of all, OBM model  supermax has 8 distributor centres over the world as below:

    USA - Supermax Healthcare Inc. (http://www.supermax.com.my/html/international_contacts.aspx)
    BRASIL - Supermax Brasil Importadora
    IRELAND - Supermax Healthcare (Europe) Limited
    HONG KONG - Supermax Global (HK) Ltd.
    UK - Supermax Healthcare Limited
    SINGAPORE - Maxter Healthcare Pte Ltd
    CANADA - Supermax Healthcare Canada Inc.
    JAPAN - Aime Supermax KK

Let see the reported COVID-19 cases and death by country as table below:

Source: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ (updated 23 July 2020)

 Let see Supermax’s export data to US (updated to 2 Aug 2020)