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Despite Samsung printer business had been bought over by HP since 2017, there is still new firmware release for my Samsung Xpress M2885FW printer recently in mid-July 2020 to version

You can download this latest firmware from HP Customer Support Website for Samsung Printers here. The filename is M2885_V3.00.01.18.zip with size of 17.2MB.

After unzip, you can find the following files in it.

If your printer is connected to your computer with USB cable, the firmware update is pretty easy.
  • Make sure the printer is idle with no printing/scanning/faxing job running.
  • Drag and drop the file SWUPGRADE-ON.prn to usblist2.exe.
  • After that, drag and drop the file M2885_V3.00.01.18.hd to usblist2.exe.
  • The firmware update process will start in the printer. The printer will reboot itself at the end of the process.
You can check for the firmware version running in the printer by accessing the printer's IP address using your web browser and login into its SyncThru Web Service and navigate to Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade.

Another way to update your printer's firmware is by clicking on the Upgrade Wizard button on the webpage as shown above, and select the file M2885_V3.00.01.18.hd from your computer.

Here is the changelog of the firmware for this printer for your reference.

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