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What every investor should actually know not just base on what was written in the headline but also the truth and facts of his statement, more importantly his motives for such post. Nothing more pleasurable than debunking one's lies with his own words just weeks ago. More exposes coming soon.



#1 Lie Debunked – Mr Mak, executive director came to my house to take me to visit his glove factory in Chemor, Perak. 

Look who is hosting home party for the internet “Stock Gurus”? It is such a shame not to have Mr Mak, Executive Director in the photo. A picture can tell a thousand words.


#2 Lies Debunked - He also invited many other investors and reporters. This has created a lot of publicity.

It is posted all over online that several “Stock Gurus” were personally invited by KYY. His motive is obvious and closely correlated to the hot buzz which follows with ever enthusiastic posts on all forums, telegram groups and social media.

#3 Lies Debunked - After careful research, I found out the following which all investors should know. Its total number of issued shares is 3,282 million

KYY posted date 13/11/2020 already clearly stated the total issued shares is 3,250 million, though the extra 300mil shares was under PP, which is slightly different after his “CAREFUL” research. This is a publicly available info that does not need any research.


#4 lies Debunked - On 27 February, the company issued 998 million shares at 3.5 sen per share and 748 million free convertible warrants to the shareholder. For every 4 shares held by a shareholder, he was entitled to buy 2 right issues at 3.5 sen per share with 3 free warrants which can be converted within 5 years and the conversion price is 3.5 sen per share.

In addition, under ESSO all employees are entitled to buy 328 million shares at 3.5 sen per share. 

As the Legendary Stock Guru with decades of experience do not actually know these public readily known facts before investing hundreds of million shares and confusing ESSO (still alive?) with ESOS, is really a legendary joke.

Why didn’t he bring out the recent 16/11/20 ESOS at the price of RM0.26 & 27/11/20 PP price at RM0.17.

The 27/02/20 Warrant and ESOS was priced at RM0.035 because it’s open market share was price at RM0.04 ~ RM0.05. Anyone who bought from the open market at that time would have gained many folds return at peak.

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