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From AT, Mah Sing to Salcon

30 years ago, how many months did it takes to build a 15 stories tower, 2 years, 36 months? depends on the method used.

Today, to build a grade A office tower, a week a floor, 50 stories 5 star hotel is possible to open its door within 36 months welcoming its first customer, if someone is still planning a simple factory to be built in 2 years, first you need to do is change the architect.

25 yers ago, i visited one of my exsenior who was the GM of a glove factory in Klang area, the noise from the mechanical machines, the smell from the latex, chemicals, the heat from the curing process......of course the labour lining up at the producton lines.....still fresh in my mind like yesterday.

After 30 years, if any new kids want to jump into the gloves bandwagon, highspeed, automation, state of the art production lines is what should be on the planning, nowaday the used to be most valuable assets (human Capital) is now replaced (if not all) by the AI and automation, the most valuable assets at the production floor, always giving the biggest headache.

I read some write up about the difficulties during the start up of Ruberex in the old days, now i am pretty sure, those difficulties do not post any obsticles for today gloves start up, new entrant or existing players, simply they don't exist any more.

On the other han, good to see some pictures of the great uncle, as healthy as before;

Who is heavier between the great uncle and AT CEO ?

Who is heavier  between the great uncle and MS's Tan Sri ?

Aynone with the right (deep) pocket can start up a glove factory, (now you have Salcon), all having the same formula, (might be same production line from same suppliers/commisioners !), same standard production cost per piece (gloves production is not rocket science).  With the rest being equal, the critical point left is SPEED.............

Who will laugh to the end or exit in between.........ask those CEO and Tan Sri or you may start to figure them out yourself.


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