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How long do you stare on market every day? (你每天花多少时间看盘?)

For some traders or even investors, they are tempted to watch the market every day. This is to make sure that their share price will not drop below their expectation, and to make sure that the stocks that they bought are rising.

If you are a trader that trade for the market fluctuation, then watching over the market every day is reasonable. However, if you are an investor that planned to hold a stock for much longer term, that is not much point for you to stare at the market every day. Questions may arise that even investors will worry about their share price dropping below their cost or their cut lost point, but if all these are well-prepared beforehand, the writer does not see the necessity to keep staring at the market.

If you have a cut loss point, set it before the market is open. If you planned to sell your shares, queue it before the market open. This is because when someone stares at the market for too long, it will affect their decision making. For example, when you are initially planning to sell stock A at RM1, but you see that the buyers are pushing the price towards RM1 very quick, and you decided to up your selling price to RM1.05. However, most traders have earned enough and started to sell, the price may not even hit RM1.05, but begins to retrace. Same goes to buying a stock, the market fluctuation will most definitely affect one’s decision. Hence, keep away from the market if possible. It is healthier for investors to check the market after it has closed, thus making decision for the next day.

In short, investors that planned a stock for long term shall not commit themselves to watch the market every day because it will affect the decision making. In fact, focus more on the fundamental and make decision outside the market when everyone is calmed, and not affected by external pressure.





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