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At the moment, Salcon is taking the lead compared to AT that does not have CE & FDA.

With its recent acquisition of JR Engineering and Medical Technologies (Ma) Sdn Bhd, the company will be able to create an output of 3b gloves by December 2021.

However, does that mean AT should be overlook? No. Infact, AT is only one step behind Salcon. After AT obtained the CE, FDA and(/or) start producing in December 2020, they are expected to create an output of 2.6b gloves by April 2021 which is much earlier than Salcon. There is a good chance that the share will catch up with Salcon very quickly.

By June 2021, the share price of AT would be at 0.30 or more by then.

Is one company better than the other? No. In fact. both companies are just getting started and the share price of both side will start to go up once they start to generate profit from the gloves.

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