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Why investing is interesting? (为什么投资那么有趣?)

If you have been reading the writer’s blog, you will notice that most questions the writer asked himself have no answer. No absolute answer is what making investing or trading interesting.

Someone may ask, why bother long-term investing when you can earn a lot from short-term trading? On the contrary, some may argue back, why take the risk from short-term trading when you can peacefully wait for the return from long-term investing? However, both of them are correct, the most important thing when entering the market is to minimize any losses, which means making more profit than losses. If trading can let you have that advantage, then go for it; same goes to investing.

The most important thing is what kind of strategy you planned to use. If you are prepared to hold one stock for long-term, then do not sell it when it just rises 15%. On the other hand, if you are only plan to trade a stock, learn to cut loss when it dropped to your cut loss point, but not holding it for longer term, hoping it to rebound back.

Once again, the writer would like to emphasize that there is no absolute answer or a 100%-win rate strategy. The best strategy is the one that suits you the most, and allows you to earn the most.





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