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The glove manufacturing facility will be 'future ready' for the Industrial 4.0 ecosystem, equipped with a Manufacturing Executive System (MES) to provide real time production monitoring and control, output control and monitoring, record retention to comply with standard regulations.

1. AT Systematization Bhd (ATS) has met tight deadline to begin glove production, making it the first among new glove players to bring its production into the market

2. ATS had obtained the CE certification, enabling it to tap into the export market now that the production had begun.

3. Completion of the glove factory with its production for Line 1 was in line with ATS' projected timeline earlier this year. 

4. Commencement of its line 2 production in the coming weeks. In addition to that, ATS has already begun its work on the Phase 2 manufacturing plants.

5. By June 2021, ATS is expected to reach a glove production capacity of 2.6 billion pieces per annum based on the of 24 hours per day and 30 days per month assumption in Chemor, Perak.

6. The development has effectively put ATS in a position as a strong proxy to the robust glove demand globally.

7. It has taken slightly more than four months to build its factory along with its state-of-the-art manufacturing capability which is the shortest time taken for a glove manufacturing plant to be set up.

8. AT Glove will be for the long-term growth plan.





1. If you have been investing into this share for many months, there are a few things you may have realized by now:

i. AT Glove is real unlike the many comments stating that it isnt real or fake and claim it will fall back or below 0.10 since beginning of November.

ii. AT Glove started the trial a little slow by a week or two. I will admit that I was upset that they were not punctual. Nonetheless, they managed to pull it off quickly within 4 months. In normal case, it takes at least 9 months.

iii. Now that AT Glove is up, many are stating that Global gloves is no longer in demand, Big 4 Gloves are red so AT Glove will suffer or that Malaysia Gloves are not needed by many foreign countries anymore due to foreign worker cases. 

- Global gloves is still in demand according to my references.

- JP Morgan news has badly affected the already existing glove counters that has been selling gloves and making money since day 1. Keep in mind, AT Glove has yet sold a single glove but will soon make its first glove profit out of it. Which is also another reason why AT is not so badly affected by the Glove counters so far cause it did not make any profit from glove yet but soon it will.

- Malaysia is still a key player when it comes to global glove demand as we control over 60% of the glove market supply.

- Only Ansell (Joint venture with Careplus) and Kimberly-Clark want to rethink its relationship with Malaysia and this news come from FMT website only. 


2. It is going to be much harder for AT to drop below 0.20 ever since their dripping trial is a success and official news about AT is breaking out to the public.


3. Do I think it has the potential to reach much higher? Yes, I do and many investors believe it too. Now it is 0.20 with the completion of 1st line. Imagine all 13 lines being completed in the future date. What do you think?


4. Don't read into the negative comments too much if you done your research & analysis of the stock and you find it to be good.

In my experience, the negative comments can be convincing when many investors are commenting it negatively as a group but so far their negative comment prediction of the price falling drastically has only been accurate during these two announcement events (KYY and JP Morgan) ever since i started investing in this stock in November.


KYY wrote an article titled "AT Systematization is losing support - Koon Yew Yin" on 17th Nov which made the share drop from 0.30 to 0.25 on that day itself. After 7 days (24th Nov), it dropped to its lowest which was 0.15. It then starts to rebound back to 0.21 until 9th December 2020. 

I can assume the only one reason he has decided to post that article was because on 11th Nov - $22m cancel acquisition of Pearl Glove by AT group. (0.27 to 0.22)


JP Morgan wrote an article titled "JP Morgan's view on glove makers conservative" on 15th December which made the price from 0.185 to 0.155 (23rd December). 

5) Positive News does affect the price movement of AT shares.

10th June - Pearl Glove acquisition
Price jumped from 0.12 to 0.16 (until 16th June)

10th August - Acquire land in chemor
Price jumped from 0.10 to 0.14 (until 13 August)

28th October - Expects to make 2.6b gloves by June 2021 news
Price jump from 0.10 to 0.30 (until 17th Nov)

9th Nov - LKL partnership to distribute
Price jumped from 0.13 to 0.30 (until 17th Nov)

Note to self: Positive news will definitely push the price up.

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Some of my references are obtained in my older articles.

I do apologize for not posting here.







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