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I believe my followers which collected AGES & ARBB during their low must have made some good sum of money.


So, if you are seeking for another kind of "New Year Angpao", look no further, BIOHLDG would be the best choice for you!



If you were to look at BIOHLDG's latest QR, the only word that could describe it would be - SCARY.


However, as in investor, we must pocess the ability to look forward and not backwards. Can BIOHLDG turn profit in the upcoming quarters?


Long story short, yes.


And the reasoning behind it would be really simple. THE COMPANY HAD HUGE PROJECT ON HAND which will be factored in in the next quarter!



Plus, BIOHLDG, for your information, is the largest herbal park operator in Malaysia. It is just a matter of time before the stock rebounds really sharply! 


This stock. Just collect it below 30 cents. It's a bargain, and also ... ANGPAO!


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