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Dear all,

It is coming to the end of another chinese lunar year. It is time for me to sum up my personal performance for year 2020. Sadly, It is also time for me to say good bye to everyone in i3 public forum.

It is slightly more than 4 years since I joined i3investor.com. I was introduced to this website by a good friend who said this is a good place to share ideas and opinions about investing.

It didn't take long for me to realise the cruel reality of public social media websites especially one where everyone could tweet anonymously without being identified. This dares people to behave ruthlessly to achieve their ulterior motives by belittling, humiliation, harassment, fear mongering, teasing, name calling others and so on. 

Since I began promoting Jaks Resources 3 year ago, I lost count of the number of times I was attacked and called conman, snakeoil shitfu. I wrote more than 60 articles to justify my bullish opinion on Jaks, hence became the center of attack by those readers who doubted my sincerity. What ulterior motives could I possibly have if I have remain invested all the time ?? I went through all the ups and downs with all my followers without selling a single share !

Vietnam's BOT projects is something new but it is not difficult to understand. It requires a lot of reading and research to understand the essence of the BOT contracts. I carried out in-depth financial and risk reward analysis to concluded that JHDP is a lifetime opportunity for Jaks. Many were skeptical of my research as I painted JHDP as "too good to believe". I must admit that it requires good knowledge on the subject of finance to appreciate my works with confidence. Even till this day, only sifu icon8888 and I had provided a profit forecast for JHDP as guidance for readers in their decision making. Many expressed their gratitude for my effort but some were cynical and hence missed the opportunity.

I just list a tiny portion of the ill comments below;

"stil got so many ppl cheated by DK? this guy has been here to promote jaks for years.. jaks is till hanging.. put your money in low interest FD better than trust the con man DK"

"The Law of Share Market => Buy on Rumours and Sell on News, When COD (very easy to get) comes out, share price will dive down. Always happens in every counter. ha ha ha dun believe and do not let Snakeoil Conman Shitfu cheat you."

"Lol DK66, now people are getting smart and not to fool by your bloody analysis. What is your justification that 0.40 is low enough? Justify it. I challenge you. Pure assumption to fool yourself."

"The best tactic in the world for blow water job is that blow blow blow untirely, keep promote and keep reply any doubt and to constantly keep producing self claim accountant standard article to keep DK minded investor trap into Jaks quick money scheme, a huge frog jumping in the road, a must catch stock.

DK scheme have so far very success to claiming Jaks is the most sought after stock in I3investor and his accountant standard article have numerous follower........blow blow blow just till before it burst......DK masterminded very quick opt to divert all his DK follower few day ago to private group to hide his blow water agenda burst off before 40sen right share announce today.....

Congratulate, DK scheme can be continue in private group......good job !"

"If you got cheated by ASSHOLE CONMEN swindling people to buy 90sen so that you are eligible to buy 40 sen RI...……….then problem belongs you.

Asshole Conmen have no mercy on stupeeed people.

of course I will buy 40 sen then dump all 41 sen

its all guaranteed profits ha ha ha"


"Hahaha this DK, still non stop with his mini group adding. Don't cont to simkalan people. Admit your mistake and move on"

"From last year scam newbies until now"

If you got cheated by ASSHOLE CONMEN swindling people to buy 90sen so that you are eligible to buy 40 sen RI...……….
then problem belongs you.

Asshole Conmen have no mercy on stupeeed people.

of course I will buy 40 sen then dump all 41 sen

its all guaranteed profits ha ha ha

see the difference between 90 sen and 40 sen?

ha ha ha

Public Bank warning=>
"All told, we are still wary over the various dilutive equity fund raisings done so far to meet its liquidity demands and the poor execution especially on its property business."

[This information from Public Bank is brought just for you from i3lurker the liar with bad behavior and no credibility inside i3 forum.]
04/06/2020 7:16 AM

"What worries more is those kept in the ”private chat room “ are fed with lopsided information and concealed from a comprehensive picture until a large chunk of their hard earn money gone when the share price plummets to new low."


I left out the names of those who made the above comments because it is not my character to take revenge. Their comments have no influence on me but may have caused others to exit at a loss.  

None of those who made the above comments came out to take responsibility for their past comments. 



Those who followed my call to buy at RM0.50 already made a paper gain of 159% in a time frame of slightly more than 2 years. Jaks' price is now equivalent to RM2.14 inclusive of gain on free WC ((1 x 0.70 / 5 x 13) + (0.8 x 0.40)) at pre-rights level. Those who bought into the latest Jaks-OR made 132% in less than 3 months !


       No. of Share   Cost Price         Cost (RM)      Mkt Price    Mkt Value
Initial 10,000 0.50   5,000 0.700 7,000
Jaks-wb 5,000 0.25   1,250 0.415 2,075
Rights share 16,000 0.22   3,520 0.700 11,200
Jaks-wb 4,482       0.415 1,860
Jaks-wc 8,000       0.400 3,200
Total       9,770   25,335
          Gains 15,565
          % gain 159%

My personal paper gain is very much higher as I took the golden opportunities to pound heavily on both right issues. This performance is rated B+ in my records due to the bad roller coaster experience. It is difficult for one to remain confident throughout the bumpy journey.

I m a businessman and an opportunity seeker with different mentality compare to sifus like Philip and Kcchongnz. They emphasize on the quality of the management but I only look for undiscovered opportunities to make big gains whether short term or long term.



I enjoy sharing my works but my experience with i3 forum was sadly bitter. I lost my dearest mother few months ago which makes me realise how precious life is. Why waste precious time on an unpleasant virtual space ?  So, enough for me to call it a day with i3 forum. Nonetheless, as promised, I will continue to guide my private chat group until the right time for me to eventually retire.  

Therefore, I regret that I will not add anymore new member to my group. 1400+ members is already too big a crowd for me to handle. I will no longer share nor respond to any comments in the i3 public forum In factI have nothing more to share. I have shared all my knowledge about JHDP and I m just waiting to see if Vinh Tan 1 power plant is indeed a good earnings reference guide for JHDP. Those who had followed my call but did not join my private group should note that I will not give any further guidance in the public forum. You should consider taking profit if you feel insecure to hold on in my absence. For avoidance of doubt, this is not a sell call. I believe Jaks still has a long way to go but you have to take responsibility of your own decision going forward. I won't take credit if Jaks is RM1.50 tomorrow nor shall I be blamed if it is lower than today's price. Remember, Mr Market is never predictable and you should have a strategy to protect your profit.

I wish to express my appreciation to those who contributed to my works. I wish to thank Sifus Philip, and Sslee for warning on management issues. I wish to thank Sifu Ooi Teik Bee for his assistance in acquiring certain critical information from the management. I also wish to thank Sifu icon8888 for his inspiration during difficult times and Sifu Probability for his fruitful discussions on my works. Lastly, I must thank Aseng for his support and companionship all this while. I must also thank all those who supported me again and again.

Finally, it is my wish that i3investor.com administrator can do more to nurture a more pleasant social environment for those who wish to share their opinions and works without being unduly harassed by troublemakers. 

I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year !

I hope that many of you had benefited from my sharing. 

This is me saying thank you and bye bye for the last time !





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