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Dear Investors, It Is Time To Buy Gloves (Round 2)

It is time to buy back, my dear investors. The prices for the glove counters are very cheap now.

Don't you dare say " glove trend is over". The word "trend" is never suppose to be used in the stock market world.

I understand many of you tried to shift to new trends. So did I. And I am very confident that many of you have lost so much already due to the late news or are STUCK right now. Only some of you earned. Maybe only at most 10% of you jumpers earn at least 30% from different counter during these period of 1 month. I am not including those who have invested in a particular counter for more than a month.

Exactly, what do you all mean by "Trend" also?

The word "trend" is actually a very wrong terminology when the term is supposed to be "profitable" to begin with.

Of all the healthcare subclasses, why was gloves the most popular stock in year 2020? Why not a facemask manufacturer? EVERYBODY wear face mask for goodness sake. Not everybody wear gloves. Only a few special groups of people wears glove. Remember, sanitizer was a trend too but it was not in the spotlight.

Let's be clear. Gloves was the top choice because of "profitability". You did not invest in glove when you hear "glove trend". You invested in it because of the "profit". We jump into gloves because it was making a huge huge tons of profit compared to any other healthcare subclasses. These huge tons of profits are due to overwheming export demands for next 12 months. Increase rate of ASP. Plus, no vaccine.

This year, we have vaccines. So many jump away. Strangely, vaccine companies are not the highlight. It is semiconductors that receives the spotlight. Very odd that semiconductor is a specific counter that most people prefer to invest in. And it make sense that it is because semiconductors are earning big profit too. However, it will not make as big of a profit like gloves this year. Sorry but it is true.

Topglove and many other glove counters has already reported that they could not take in any more order for this year and could only possibly take in more orders for year 2022. Infact, there are some reports stating that they had to INCREASE their ASP by 10%. Go and ask around. You are surrounded by investors who are better informed than me. They will even show you proofs on my behalf.

Don't believe their orders are full? Go call these glove companies. Their numbers are on Google. Take the trouble and call them to ask. Don't be surprise when i say that new glove counters are also picking up in orders despite not having any production lines or few only. This is true. Don't believe? Call them and ask for yourself. You will hear the truth with your own ears.

If you think that any of my info is wrong. Show me that i am wrong. In fact, show me that they won't be profiting more compared to last year. Show me that one of the big glove counters still have rooms to order for this year.

At the end of the day, it is all about "profitability". Gloves counter in Malaysia will be number one again this year. Mark my word, you will remember this article. Don't say i never inform you.


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