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Picture of Carmen Lee Yeuk Tung (on the right was 25 years ago, the picture on the left was recently at 52 years old)

Glove Makers _ Well, most of the operators in Malaysia have to shut down ops due to EMCO. If I was running the presidency of the association, I would not cry one bit. Look, Malaysia is still the majority supplier of gloves. Its not like the market share will be placated by another foreign party. All you are doing is stopping export orders, and build up unfilled orders. Glove makers will end up actually making more money if these rules are instituted over a longer period. Inadvertently, glove makers in Malaysia will obtain higher returns via sticky selling price going down, and limited supply over the short term. Sort of like an OPEC handling of demand supply. So, no worries.

(Carmen Lee today at 52...)

Serbuk KPMG - KPMG is not the official auditor for just this financial year for Serba Dinamik. It has been the auditor for the past few years. KPMG can only hope that the "shenanigans" if any, only happen across the "items' highlighted. IF concerns spreads out over YEARS, then what the hell has KPMG been doing??? If it is a BIG THING, i.e. across years, then KPMG surely would very extremely liable to any losses sustained by investors and BOD of Serba Dinamik, as both have relied on their "tacit approvals" over the years. KPMG better hope and pray that the xxx for this year are small matters which can be rectified easily. IF IT IS, then wiping more than 60-70% from the market cap of SD would have been too gross. If it is all false throughout the years, then you might as well wipe out ALL partners of KPMG as they have signed for the accounts over the years. Get ready for lawsuits. But looking at the situation, if ONLY the claims of KPMG were "realised", then it would be a very small matter to rectify... which would the make the selldown unnecessary and excessive.


p/s Carmen Lee was and is one of the prettiest ladies from HK TV and movies from the 80s. She is still single, never married and looking good at 52.

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