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 Case closed, says Dyson supplier ATAIMS (8176): ATA IMS BHD

ATA IMS Bhd has deemed “case closed” all key issues related to allegations of labour abuse that reportedly leads to the company being charged by the government.

KUALA LUMPUR: ATA IMS Bhd has deemed "case closed" all key issues related to allegations of labour abuse that reportedly leads to the company being charged by the government.

This followed the remedial measures ATA has undertaken as it steps up on its environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts and works towards better ESG initiatives.

"The company is confident that with the range of improvement actions taken, it is compliant with all regulations and standards, and looks forward to get this confirmed by external audits that are expected to be conducted in the near future, as well as a compliance audit with Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) early next year, to assess ATA's application for full membership to the coalition," it said today.

"ATA considers all key issues closed and, as it steps up on its ESG efforts and works towards better ESG initiatives, the company reiterates that it is firm in its commitment to continue working closely with the government, the Ministry of Human Resources, and relevant bodies this is space.

"ATA hopes for all parties to be fair and to await the response from the offices of the Attorney General of Malaysia on the revocation of the summonses by JTK Johor Bahru and to

consider ATA's remedial measures in ensuring the wellbeing of its local and foreign workforce; and to maintain a neutral and balanced position in reporting of the company," it added.

ATA was responding to a Reuters article titled "Malaysia charges Dyson supplier ATA with labour law violations" last Saturday.

The company said it was committed to continually improve its ESG practices in its endeavour to be a leading company in the electronics manufacturing service (EMS) industry.

ATA welcomed a visit from Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri M Saravanan last Wednesday towards fostering closer cooperation with the government with its ongoing efforts in the ESG spectrum.

The visit followed Saravanan's statement previously that the government would charge ATA after forced labour allegations emerged against the manufacturer.

British home appliance maker Dyson previously ssid it would cut ties with ATA in six months following an audit of the latter's labour practices and allegations by a whistle-blower.

According to a statement last Thursday, ATA said the minister was pleased with the conducive working environment at the company's factories and found its employees' accommodations at a satisfactory level.


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