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8 Steps to Create your BNM eCCRIS Account 100% Online!

Honestly, I always think and feel that Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is one of the most efficient government agencies that continue to embrace best practices and keep abreast in this digital era.

(Fuyoh! Will BNM present an appreciation award to me? 😂)

Coming back to the topic, BNM announced that effective 18 February 2022, Malaysian individual new users may now directly register for eCCRIS at eccris.bnm.gov.my.

NO physical presence is needed at Bank Negara Malaysia or Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan 
Kredit’s (AKPK) premises for registration authentication. For sure, online registration is more convenient and safer for all of us.

Yes. It's 100% online! 😍

eCCRIS Online Registration Guide for New Individual Users
8 Steps to create your eCCRIS account online:

  1. Go to eccris.bnm.gov.my and click ‘Register Now
  2. Enter your personal information
  3. Digital authentication
    (Complete registration with one-off RM 1 transfer to a designated Bank Negara Malaysia account that will be automatically refunded within 2 working days)
  4. Click ‘Proceed to First Time Login’ at the prompted screen
  5. Key in your MyKad number and the 6-digit OTP
    (The 6-digit OTP is only valid for 7 days. Login before it expires)
  6. Set your user ID and password
  7. Set your personal security image, phrase, questions and answers
  8. Done! You can now login to the eCCRIS website using your created User ID to access your CCRIS report

*** Take Note:

New users must be Malaysian individuals with MyKad and an internet banking facility.

"Why need to make the RM1 online transfer oh?"

The one-off RM1 transfer to a designated Bank Negara Malaysia account is required to ensure only valid financial consumers are requesting the eCCRIS registration. With this, the identity of new users will be confirmed digitally. Furthermore, the RM1 will be automatically refunded to you within 2 working days.

What if I have not activated the eCCRIS account upon receiving the SMS and email containing the OTP (PIN) number within 7 days as per instructed and the OTP (PIN) has expired. How can I get a new OTP (PIN)?

You can regenerate OTP (PIN) through the following channels:

So complicated and troublesome ah? Yes. That's why you should activate your eCCRIS account within 7 days after registering.

Meanwhile, for companies and non-Malaysian individuals, don't be too sad. New user registrations can continue to be performed through eLINK at telelink.bnm.gov.my.

  • Please visit bnm.gov.my/ccris for further information on CCRIS and eCCRIS.
  • The public may also reach BNMTELELINK at 1-300-88-5465 or 603-2174 1717 (overseas), or
  • Via the newly introduced Live Chat function at bnm.gov.my/livechat

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