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CLSA Feng shui Index 2023: Follow the Water Rabbit

WELCOME to the Year of the Water Rabbit! Shortly before 11am on Feb 4, 2023, the Rabbit will emerge from her burrow to take her place in the feng shui cycle.  This year’s bazi, or destiny chart, advises us to step out of our comfort zone but remain mindful of perils afoot.

In our annual tongue-in-cheek feng shui guide, we combine the mysterious workings of earthly forces and heavenly bodies to predict the relative movements of the Hang Seng Index (HSI), our favourite Earth Rooster.

Our alternative forecast is based on the interplay of the bazi with the HSI’s Nov 24, 1969 launch date. Using a monthly fortune scale, we chart the index’s pattern, direction and relative size.

The Water Rabbit brings fire to the bazi that will feed on yin wood, which is easy to burn. Since fire is missing in Rooster’s chart, it conveys balance. But the lack of metal in the bazi is not a good sign, as coins represent stock markets. Thus, the destiny chart predicts substantial movement but little traction.

We expect Rabbit to make a tentative beginning and stumble late in the summer before picking herself up near the end of the year and hopping through the winter, closing on a mildly positive note.

Fire-related industries such as oil & gas, fashion and tech should have the most auspicious year, with the best time in late spring. Similarly, fortunes for the sectors associated with wood, which include healthcare, education and plantations, should be fairly good, with high points in early spring and late autumn and winter.

However, earth-related property and construction and water-related travel, hotel and transport sectors are likely to have a mediocre year. As metal is absent again in the bazi, financials and sectors requiring metallic inputs, such as batteries, will remain pressured.
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Sadly, the salad days are not here again. While some of the stars want to honour you this year, keep in mind that a pack of homeless wolves would also gather around a campfire and say “we honour the morsel we are about to devour”. Happily, the rabbit’s foot attached to you will serve you well until the summer — keep it active and carry on. When autumn starts, the stars might rabbit-punch you; turn your back and tell them to rump off.


On the dragon scale, this year should rate quite highly. We know how much you like to compete at talon shows, so this is a good time to scorch those boards. You have the Heaven’s Emptiness Star visiting; not unlike yourself, it can be fickle and changeable, so get on its good side and make it work for you with new projects and ventures. Be out and about — socially, you are great at barbecues because you can always fire up the grill. Keep things humming along.


Having just slithered out of a year in which the Grand Duke was pressing in from both sides, you will be relieved to hear that he will not be troubling you this year. This does not mean you can fang it all over the shop. Do not be tempted to join the first rope trick you see; keep in mind that with no legs to pull, you should not be tricked into anything. Rely on your own endeavours and at the end of all the effort and polite importuning you do, remember to be a civil serpent.


If you made the most out of last year, then move the finish line farther out and keep on galloping. Pay no heed to what other horses are doing — head off to the Hall of Mirrors and race against yourself. Opportunities are out there, but like an Easter Egg hunt, you will need to go to them as they will not come to you. This is a good year to not be on your high horse.


Here we go again, another year to grab by the scruff, scruff, scruff of the neck. We know how much you dislike head-butting in, so you will be pleased to hear that this year should not bring much need for it. While you will not be the G.O.A.T., you have barrels of talent ready to tap. No need to hide out and be a hill-billy this year; treat yourself to the fine crop of good fortune that awaits.


If the previous year called for more self-­restraint than you would have liked, this year it all begins with opposable thumbs. From there, the world will be your oyster as long as you can open it. You have a ‘get-out-of-the-lab-cage’ free card in the Earthly Relief Star. It does not so much as augment any particular area of your life, but it will stop your plans from evaporating like a hot-air baboon. Go out and tinker with what you will.


Sadly, it is looking like quite the poultry year. If you find yourself all cooped up, then it is for your own good. Lie down on that hard-scrabble ground you are now accustomed to and spend the year pondering the meaning of egg-istence. In the cosmic pecking order for this year, what can we say — there is certainly room for improvement. The universe may be a free lunch for some, but there will be nary a cock-tale there for you. Preen yourself and focus on the longer picture.


Can you smell it? Happy Howlidays are here again. Last year might have been a little ruff in patches, but this year should have fewer of them. You will be able to maintain your dignity throughout and not resort to being a lapdog. At some stages through the year, you might feel like the world has pressed the paws button, but it may not be just you catching your breath, but all of us needing to do so.


Rabbit years usually bring you a clear lack of friction. No one will be sending you to the slaughterhouse. If you stay in your present hamlet, you will find few interruptions as the usual nosey porkers will not trouble you. Similarly, as you should be free of piggyback duties except for those close to you, your options are to settle for watching the film Groundhog Day over and over, or spend a little more time and thought on plans for the coming years.


Who is looking better this year? The Heavenly Virtue Star is in your mouse hole and shining brightly on all your cheese. Known as the beneficent deity of cheese-making, this being can turn a supermarket swiss into a crumbly and creamy aged delight. Beware, behind the sparkling cheddars are shiny traps — it might be the year to keep in mind that while the early bird gets the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese.


More of a year to ruminate and plan for the future than one to have all your strength devoted to pulling the yoke. While you may be bull-dozer from time to time, it might be better to put yourself in neutral and doze lightly while making future plans. There may be a catalogue of small frustrations coming your way and there is no point butchering your present advantages. Steer yourself to calmer waters or fate might kick you like a mule.


Being single-minded can lead to loneliness, or just a solitary trajectory through the jungle, stopping off to see friends and loved ones from time to time. Without beneficial cosmic guardian spirits paying close attention, you will be left to pad quietly wherever your whiskers direct. Follow along and enjoy a year with minimal interruptions, but with enough space for you to lick any wounds from last year and plan your prey for the next.


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