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Speculation that TASCO is involved in carrying vaccine is wrong again

When the Pfizer vaccine arrived and the statement that DHL was the appointed logistics agent came out together with pictures of the DHL truck carrying the vaccine, the share price of TASCO tanked. After tanking 30%, the RHB analyst desperately tried to defend himself and his high target price by saying that he "did some checks and found that DHL's capabilities are lacking and TASCO might have an advantage in terms of cold chain logistics". He also said that there would be upside to TASCO's target price if they get involved in the transportation of other vaccines (he named Sinovac vaccine as one of them). Obviously, he is desperately trying to defend himself by criticising DHL's so-called capabilities (without detailing the proof) and giving the idea that TASCO could be involved in the transportation of the other vaccines. Have a look at the picture below where a DHL van is on a boat transporting vaccines in Labuan:

Lacking capabilities it seems....

As I'm writing this, the Sinovac vaccine has arrived. Statements and pictures have been released. Guess what? All logistics are being fulfilled by Pharmaniaga. The second picture below shows Pharmaniaga's truck itself at the airport:

We know that Pharmaniaga's network is very extensive and they should not need TASCO or anyone else. Lets see how the RHB analyst defends himself this time. Instead of trying to defend his ridiculous target price, he should just admit that the extremely bullish sentiment around TASCO was due to the potential vaccine trasportation and not the transportation of their ordinary goods.


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