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kk disclaimer first ah no buy call no sell call i just pointing out few penny stocks just for fun***
we not going to point at the few obvious one such as uwc, qes etc etc. but will be sticking to few automotive industries quiet quiet stock.

this one ah...
mostly gorenged up due to mask production... novid mask ma, and then flew again when they announce their glove dipping lines. congrats to those that manage to profit off this flying counter and my condolences to those holding at the top.
So yeah, this one follow most of the gloves trend lo, from to the moon all the way back to earth liao la, bo bian lo as most public conception is that it is a PPE counter. It is, but MARGINALLY with less than 10% profit contributed during the last QR.


parts they do:

Main business for Notion Vtec is actually from their automotive sector where they manufactures parts for different companies which have a solid turnaround during last QR. aiya bored to write more la but in summary:
EV = new car produce = more parts needed = more money for company = everyone HUAT

2.  POLY

poly glass fibre (m) bhd, not ASIAPLY. this stock started to pick up in volume after the dip last year. Diversified into doing mask materials, as well as obtaining a durian farm... da heck...
But yeah turned out with good q2 and q3 results for 2021. 
their main biz is actually doing glass mineral wool, which is also needed in automotive industry.
the spongy thing ah, always on the roof or by the side of car which is hidden unless u decide to tear your car apart, but quite cool also la 


this stock only came to my radar today with their superb QR, havent really dig into what they able to do.
but seems like they will benefit not from EV cars, but from when our government decides to upgrade the grid to accomodate for the expansion in electricity need for EV cars this company might actually benefit with their expertise in energy management 


and why i think willowglen will benefit


but no brainer would be buying tenaga if looking forward to grid upgrade 


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