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Vivocom LIMIT-UP explosion :- Last call anything below RM1.28 Sapu lar kao kao.

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Based on last week’s trading especially on Friday’s closing the following are the technical highlights:-
1. Small technical corrections kicked off on Friday morning session. 
2. Wave 4 correction occurred after price hit beyond wave 3  target of $1.11
3. Strong evidence that correction ended at immediate support $1.00 follow by strong rebound up during last 30 min of closing session. This is a very important juncture where we say, Bye Bye To Penny Stock. VV no more a Penny Stock.
4. Can anticipate wave 5 emerging n once kicked in, can antipathetic price heading to target of $1.13/1.30 in near term. 
5. Alternatively a Second count can anticipate is wave 5 target reached and correction take place again ! The price retrace  back to $1.01! If this does happen which is highly unlikely it presents a second golden opportunity for those kiasu kakis who missed out collecting earlier to buy more.
6. If it happens this would be a fresh & bigger new wave 2 emerging and wave 3 target will be $1.48.
7. Based on market intel, rumours and feedback spreading wildly in social media - due to that we have had very extensive media n online coverage as a result of the Sand Project RM3.8B announcement, the talk and heightened expectations is if not Monday, one of the days next week will be a LIMIT UP day. I repeat VV LIMIT UP day. 
Pure Market Forces Retail Driven Momentum.
If that happens, then one can say - “The Vivocom SuperBull Rally Is Indeed Officially Back In Action”


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