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Warren Buffett and Elon Musk are clashing over 
護城河難行得通? The economic moat didn't work ?? 


以Intel为例,作为半导体龙头,曾经有过很深厚的护城河,但多年的挤牙膏、管理不善跟各种不创新,近年来被台积电、AMD、NVIDIA压在地上打,护城河也在逐渐瓦解。 当年Steve Ballmer 领导的Microsoft 也有同类情况。

近年破坏性创新兴起,不管科技或传统行业都面对转型的压力,走慢些都怕被别人颠覆。 过去那种只靠一种优势就能吃十几年老本的方式现在很难行得通。

Companies with moths can hold off competitors from  occupied the market, and innovation can keep them competitive.

Let take Intel as an example, as a semiconductor leader, there used to be a very deep mot, but years of competition, poor management and a variety of non-innovation, in recent years took over by TSMC, AMD, NVIDIA on the ground, mot is also gradually disintegrating. Microsoft, led by Steve Ballmer, also had a similar situation. 

In recent years, the rise of destructive innovation, whether technology or traditional industries are facing the pressure of transformation, walking slower are afraid of being subverted by others. The old way of investing strategy might not be able to work by now. 

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