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Come la, i blow water again la, today i talk about a stock i actually bought sikit sikit: ANEKA

While Aneka Tambang, ANTM from our neighbour, indo have a record growth of more than 300% last year due to EV battery news and nickel price soaring to the moon before landing back down. Our country also have our own variant of ANEKA, is the form of ANEKA JARINGAN.

this one actually mainly do business in terms of piling, what is piling?
piling is when u take a huge metal pole and u shove it all the way into... the ground...
ah. ya just into the ground, nothing sexual, just move along.

this is normally done then people need to go big big project. such as LRT, MRT, new highway lo...
this all need stable platform ma... so will ask/ hire ANEKA to do.

therefore... why you ask i like this stock ah... its because now government like roti canai ma... flip back to this government liao... so what does this gov like to do the most, throw new project out la, throw like our country veli rich like that, what project also can do.
new highway, lrt, hsr, etc etc... therefore more piling needs to be done la. this can already be observed with a trend reversal in Construction

as well as in its counterparts in piling business, where trade volume is increasing slowly and garnering interest, such as Pintaras, Econpile and Ikhmas (which changed name to topbuilders).

but why do i like ANEKA instead of the rest? especially Econbhd with its steady QoQ and YoYs?
1. it just IPO-ed, not a lot of people trapped on top in comparison to the other construction companies. It dropped a lot as it IPO-ed at and now is still trading slightly below its IPO price at 33 sens at this moment that im writing.

2. one of the goreng king is inside, and his name starts with C

3.most important part where i decided on this stock instead of the rest, its because ANEKA have strong subsidaries in INDONESIA, yes thats right, our neighbour again. While our country decides to roti canai and change PM, change affliation, say who and who have majority support, indonesia have decided to undergo a major project development in the form of moving its capital from JAKARTA to EAST KALIMANTAN. yeah... din din say we ke sana ke sini... indonesia presents you we the ultimate form of ke sana ke sini in terms of moving capital city.

while the project is postponed till further notice due to COVID-19, i believe that once this awful, life-wrecking, virus have been eradicated, or kept under actual control, the project will continue to carry on.
at that time... who will benefit? PT Aneka Jaringan Indonesia of course. thats why me park a bit of money in. dont mind waiting for Joko Widodo to give the green light on the movement and let this stock to fly to new high.


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