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EC has shed light (no pun intended) on shortlisted companies
Some highly anticipated solar players were not included but replaced with unfamiliar faces instead. Who are they?
☀️ Atlantic Blue Sdn Bhd won 3 bids totalling 50MW. Atlantic Blue is Solarvest. 
☀️ Jaks - 50MW. Jaks is known for their legal issue with the Stars  and their upcoming Vietnam power plant. On Sep 20, Jaks issued warrants to finance the works.
☀️ Kpower- 50MW No surprise for this one. Collaborated with Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Pahang.  JV with Public Bank in January 2021 install solar panels for the bank customers.
☀️ Ranhill- 50MW. One of the large utility provider in Malaysia which once said will provide more clean Energy to TNB.
☀️ TNB - 50MW, JV with Envision to monitor consumption and power generation using cloud computing. TNB pledge to no longer invest in greenfield coal plant after the last Jinmah East Power commissioned on 2019. Hence TNB is actively expanding in the RE area.
☀️ Uzma - 50MW. Specializes in O&G sector, but acquired two company renewable specialist company on march 2021.
☀️ Advancecon-26MW.  Earthwork player. June 2020 signed MoU with Solarvest cooperate undertaking solar project.
☀️ Tan Chong - 20MW -  Tan Chong is known for distrubuting automobiles. JV with Cleantech in Thailand, installed solar panels on the Subaru office and assembly plant . 
☀️ MkLand - 10.94MW  being first  developer provides solar at Rumah Selangorku. 

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