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AT (0072) - Kenneth Vun is involved? Proof?

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Author: jonsuk67   |   Latest post: Sun, 4 Apr 2021, 10:54 AM

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Author:   |    Publish date: Sun, 4 Apr 2021, 10:54 AM

As much as I am mad towards AT management but to read a blog stating that Kenneth Vun and a few a more are involved in AT as a syndicate??..... don't just write. Show us the proof(s) please.


The below are my thoughts upon reading your blog:

1. When you want to write that Kenneth Vun is involved with Mak, please show proofs such as his trading portfolio or his text messages to people that he is actually involved or something. Otherwise, this is just rumours.

2. In one article, the author wrote:

i. CGS-CIMB SECURITIES (HONG KONG) LIMITED (through CGS-CIMB SECURITIES SDN BHD) held 14,582,900 shares (11.48%) (suspect1),

ii. NOMURA PB NOMINEES LTD (through DEUTSCHE BANK (MALAYSIA) BERHAD) held 8,813,000 shares (6.93%) (suspect2),

iii. SANSTON FINANCIAL GROUP LIMITED (through AFFIN HWANG NOMINEES (ASING) SDN BHD) held 6,000,000 shares (4.72%) (suspect3),

iv. KONG KOK KEONG (through ALLIANCE INVESTMENT BANK BERHAD) held 2,604,800 shares (2.04%) (suspect4), combined over 25.02% of Asdion Bhd issued shares

I am sorry to say this but when i read these, there is a lot of false accusation going on towards these investment companies. What the author has written are investment companies that has invested in so many other Malaysia companies for so many years. Some of which are more than 15 years and all of these are well-established. Truly disappointed that the author accused investment companies.

Author wrote Sanston Financial as one of the big syndicate...a Singapore Financial Company that has been operating 15 years? Is the author actually trying to say that Singapore government is allowing one of ttheir investment companies to commit such a crime? Please show proof that Sanston financial is in cahoot in the syndicate.

I can find proof that Sanston Financial invested in the company but it doesnt mean that they are in cahoot for goodness sake. It is just so so ridiculous that the author can jump into this conclusion.

3. Author has also written KONG KOK KEONG bought shares through a few investment companies that increases his shares from 2.6m (2.6%) shares to 6.3 m shares (4.3%).

My question to this is...why would anyone want to do it this way? This is very troublesome. This person has not committed any crime. He could have bought it under his personal or get his company to buy direct. Less troublesome.  

Also, once again. Proofs. The public want proofs that KONG KOK KEONG actually did what the author wrote. You cant just write on an article without posting any proofs because it is MISLEADING!

4. To the public reading these, I am just like you. I also want to make sense as to why AT share drop but we are taught to not point fingers just to connect the logic to make sense.

Wouldn't the most probable cause for AT shares to go down is due to the the recent QR? Not to mention, all the glove counters share has dropped recently and that has also affected AT. The proof is the historical chart, you put all the glove counters side by side and you will see that their share movements are the same.


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