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New Tourism Spot in Langkawi

Kedah yesterday announced a racing circuit “resort” in Langkawi with a gross development value of RM1.3 billion, featuring a track touted to be the “Nurburgring of the East”.

Menteri besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor said that in addition to the circuit, the resort would include a 4S car distribution centre, a vehicle garage warehousing facility, racing academy, sports hospital, housing projects and petrol stations.

The project, called the Open Road International Circuit and Integrated Resorts, would be carried out through a joint venture (JV) between Permodalan Kedah Bhd and Open Road Asia Sdn Bhd.

Is it related to SYMLIFE?

Tune to 1:09:30 mark. Dato' mentioned if you are smart enough, you can see the logo of the company was everywhere at the event location. He added that the identity of contractor will be announced within two weeks.


Video speaks louder than words.

Pictures speak louder than words.

What is happening in SYMLIFE?

According to some of the industry players, we shall see a change of ownership or RTO soon. The new owner is going to inject new assets and projects into the company to spur up the long stagnated SYMLIFE.

Looking at the NTA of RM1.62, I believe the transacted price may be slightly discounted when we are dealing with a stagnated counter like SYMLIFE. Market is rumouring RM1.20 for the strike price. Whats your thoughts?


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