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Serba Dinamik current share price does not make sense

Recently Serba Dinamik dunked a record profit in the latest quarterly report by the company. At the current swing, Serba Dinamik fundamentals are still solid because their cash flow is still hevaily backed up by the current oil & gas market. Unfortunately the stock price keeps going down.

This in a way opens the Malaysian stock market to the power of speculation. For years, BURSA remained steadfast and try to remain bullet proof to speculation.

Unfortunately what is happening to Serba Dinamik is worrying. It is true that they are facing a few stumbling blocks in regards to their audit report. However, the audit report is not finalised yet but people are quick to jump on the bandwagon to cry foul. Our society's long standing culture and principle has always been innocent until proven guilty. That is why we have proper legal mechanism to ensure all parties are equally protected.

But the sad reality is the stock market is strengtening by mob mentality, a hint of speculation and people are quick to pass judgment. This not some random coffee shop gossip hour. This is a billion dollar mark on the economy. Words hurt real working class people.

Serba Dinamik has been open so far. They want another auditor to close the report, willing to cooperate with SC and open to legal channel to clear their name. Most importantly, they want business to continue as usual and have maintained the confidence of their oversea business partners.

Their profit in this quarter is a good sign. Do not succumb to market speculation. Do not start a mob economy. Innocent until proven guilty.


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