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【A True Successful Story In Bursa 🔥】

🦸 In year 2019, Genetec's🏭 revenue💸 gradually decreased from RM145million in year 2015 to RM97mil😭 in year 2019, a 33% drop.  

🦸 Good things to say is however their profit💸 rise from RM4.4mil in 2015 to RM5.6mil😳 in 2019.

🦸 The company is a supplier of full turnkey factory automation🏭 and stand-alone prototype equipment for mass volume production use worldwide🌎, primarily for HDD and Automotive 🚗🚐(Electric Vehicle and Internal Combustion Engine) industries.

🦸 A legend called Cold Eye  👀bought the share of this company since 2019.  The stock price barely moves👩‍💻 at that time.  

🦸 Since 2019, the company🏭 face more challenges include making losses😕 and perform private placement to raise funds, Cold Eye think insist is the key.  He never bother about selling the share.

🦸 Today, the legend is rewarded with 10x increase 🚀🚀🚀of the share price.  Estimately, his cost is RM2.6mil and now it should have become RM20 mil 💸. 

Superb, outstanding and marvelous story👩‍🦰.  Been thinking all day why he would buy that🤔🤔🤔.   


No buy sell recommendation.  Simply share.

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