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FINTEC (0150) FINTEC GLOBAL BERHAD: Private Placement

Mission accomplished? What happen when all the Fintec PP tranches issued? The answer could be the lowering of 5-markets day VWAP no more an issue. Below is my calculation of average cost of the whole PP exercise.

1) 21 Sep 2021: 260,000,000 at (MYR)   0.0225 = RM5,850,000

2) 21 Sep 2021: 40,000,000 at (MYR)   0.0225 = RM900,000

3) 17 Sep 2021: 200,000,000 at (MYR)   0.0215 = RM4,300,000

4) 08 Sep 2021: 100,000,000 at (MYR)   0.0199 = RM1,990,000

5) : assume 255,132,900 at (MYR)0.0196  = RM5,000,604.84

Total:  855,132,900 shares value at RM18,040,604.84

Average = 18,040,604.84/855,132,900 = RM0.0211

Note: Item 5) can be split into few more tranches; therefore the 5-markets day VWAP might still in-play!!

Food for thought (also for my own easy reference); below are some of my discussion of observations by a few forumers.

Aug 29, 2021 1:00 PM
@Forumer: Probably this could be same trick use for all those ESOS penny stock. Before the ESOS, sell first my million holding . Then buy back cheaper. Then sell again , then buy back... Gaining while price keep dropping. As long as ESOS price also keep drop.
28/08/2021 12:55 AM

BLee: Good observation; used to be a moratorium for ESOS not being able to sell for a certain period. The followings are details extracted from below pdf:-

1) Fintec issued ESOS for 21 times. Issued 1,531,452,600 shares valued at RM80,168,603; highest 9.25sen and lowest at 2.5sen; average 5.2sen per share.
2) 4 May 2020 - issuance of 82,110,000 new Shares at an issue price of RM0.0361 per Share valued at RM2,964,171.
3) 15 July 2020 - issuance of 100,000,000 and 182,144,000 new Shares at the issue price of RM0.0535 and RM0.0711 respectively. Total value of RM18,300,438.40; average 6sen per share.
4) 28 Dec. 2020 - issuance of 1,432,718,739 new Shares at an issue price of RM0.08 per Share valued at RM 114,617,499.12.
5) Feb. 2021 - Exercise of 48,000 Warrants C at the exercise price of RM0.08 valued at RM3,840
6) Apr. 2020 to LPD - issuance of 112,805,034 and 20,084,396 new Shares at the ICPS conversion price of RM0.16 and RM0.11 respectively. Total value of RM 20,258,089; average 15.2sen per share.
Grand total:  3,461,362,769 shares valued at RM236,312,640.02; average 6.8sen per share.

With the above data, is it at present around 2sen considered high price or good bargains??..I have become a 'cheapskate' investor to dive in around 2sen.

Please do own due diligence and Happy trading'


Dr Forumer: I think no point blaming any one here. All of us knew what we were getting into. We were just looking at making money the easy way and forgot about fundamentals etc. An expensive lesson learnt from Fintec. That's fine. Let's move forward slowly. I wish those who are still holding a very good luck.
P.s- SC has allowed 20% PP until end of this year ya. So still a long way to go.

22/09/2021 3:08 PM

Sep 22, 2021 3:46 PM
@Dr Forumer, good statement. With 2sen worth, downside limited. Shares consolidation does not mean cancellation of capitals. Only big problem with PP, each trenche issuance with roughly 10% discount of 5 days weighted average price, will dilute NTA. On the bright side, interest free cash injection will improve company cash flow. End of the year not that far off, all this PP (so call 'raping') completed, more 'child' will be 'born'. Happy trading and TradeAtYourOwnRisk.'

1 fat mama carrying 3 fat and 1 giant babies

When company fund almost flowed out, shares consolidation and RI to raise more fund could be a reality

Trade wisely, don't be caught at high price for years

Posted by BLee > Sep 2, 2021 1:03 PM
@Forumer_W, Tq for the good intention of highlighting. Yes on trade wisely, but around 2 to 2.5sen NOT consider high price comparing of all this Fat babies averaging 6.8sen subscription price.

Happy trading

Posted by Forumer_W > Sep 2, 2021 2:35 PM |
BLee, some will agree, some will not agree, the rest couldn't be bothered

Your money, you decide. Good luck'


Sep 7, 2021 2:11 PM
Hi @Forumer_W, Fintec at 2.5sen investing in 'cash rich' (from ICPS conversion) Focus D, the risk at Fintec or Focus D? Both now at beat down price, it could be just a bargain as seen from the 'gain' of around 50% since Fintec collection more than a week ago. (4sen at 23 Aug. 2021 to this morning highest 6sen)

Happy trading.'

Table No. 1: Fintec trading still stuck within 2sen range.

Source: Thanks to Forumers mention, i3investor, klsescreener, KIBB and other internet surfing.

Disclaimer: The above opinion does not represent a buy, hold or sell recommendation; just a personal opinion and for sharing purposes only. Any offences and errors are unintentional; my apology in advance.

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