FBMKLCI - Monday Blue? Black?

Since 7 June 2016, a break through from sideways thought will having a short term uptrend. However, market sentiment is still lock into the two big event in this month.

FED June Meeting

So, the market is given a very clear answer after few day, signal is turned into bearish, especially in the last trading day of last week while closing, the trend is return back to the shock interval. So to be exact, this should be Black Friday. Now, I predict it will fluctuate in the time frame until that two big event is clear, these also indicate investors choose to wait and see. Next, if trend is going up and break the resistance then perhaps will have a small bull, otherwise, challenge 1600 once support is broken, also means the right shoulder is formed gradually...

So, Escape?

自7/6/2016 做出了突破,原以为可以有一段小涨幅。然而,市场的情绪依然是锁在这个月份的两大事件



结果连过几天的市场给了一个非常明确的答案,一个强烈的由多翻空,尤其是在上个星期最后一个交易日的收盘,直接将整个趋势打回到震荡区间内。所以,正确来说星期一不是黑色的,而应该是星期五才对。如今,我预测会波动在这个时间框内直到这两大事件明朗后才作出交代,间接上也表示了市场中的投资者做出了观望的选择。如果以后的发展是往上再次突破压力,那么也许还可以有多一段小行情;相反,往下跌破支撑那么就直接挑战1600 ,也就是右肩渐渐形成。。。