Why I have decided to stop Investing in the Stock Market

Yes, I have decided to stop investing in the stock market.

Whatever shares I hold now I will keep them for their dividends or for those shares I bought for trading when they reach my target price I will dispose them and keep the cash.

I will NOT be adding in more money into the stock market.

REASONS are as follows :

1) I am already Invested In Stock Market via my EPF savings - If you worked before, you would have some money in EPF Account 1 and 2. The money inside is invested by EPF in various asset class, the stock market being one of them - EPF has 44% of the funds invested in the stock market as at 2015 (see diagram below)

IMO 44% is a large amount so I am thinking why I am putting in SOME MORE risk money into the stock market. Our EPF is already doing it for me, whether I want it or not (*grin)

2) The stock market is always dangerous minefield. One or two wrong steps you go KABOOM even if you are a professional or old timer. Since I am an entrepreneur (not a salaried worker) I am entitled to contribute money each month into EPF. I will put money into EPF from now on as EPF guaranteed a minimum of 2.5% dividend annually to the members. It would be foolish NOT to do this since I will never lose my principal sum yet earn a minimum 2.5% yearly. I will let EPF do all the hard work of investing and trading for me from now on (*grin).

3) The stock market is in BEAR MARKET. I categorize bear market as when the KLCI Index is below the 200 day MA. Apart from KLCI Index, many stocks are also trading below the 200 MA. Those that do not read widely or is an old timer do not realize that during any bear markets the market is excessively volatile. And the syndicates are hungrier than usual (*grin). I can tell from experience I will NOT make any money in a bear market in the long run. I will make some money only to lose it back later. So it's better to stay away.

4) It's time to go into another passion of mine - Internet Business! I believe I can be successful there. I have been doing it on and off for 5 years but the stock market always distract me (*grin).

5) Lastly, I am getting older by the day. Time to get out of big risk, do less stressful things, be lazy as I want, enjoy life and get ready for retirement (*grin).

All the best to those still investing and trading! I will still post regularly on this blog - Ongmali because I love it dearly.

Yours truly,