BIOHLDG (0179) - Trading Volume Increase and Testing to Next Price Level Soon

 Most of the people is already give up of BIOHLDG stock. But for me, I believed this is the opportunity and time for us to enter. Why I said like this?

1. Strong support at 0.235 which is recently enter price by one of the company director William Hon during Apr'17-Jun'17 (close to 20m unit). Share price should not be further down. So, now the entry price level is quite safe.

2. Volume is starting to increase, and start to test for the next high level. Short term TP 0.28, long term TP 0.37 (as per CIMB analyst)

3. New product launched, directly will increase sales in Indonesia and China.

4. Most of the investor is worry about the high PE. But for growth company PE in this range is still acceptable. Waiting for Q2 result, it should be better than last year cover by strong sales, and will help up PE ratio.

But any how this only my point of view. You may do your own analysis about this stock.