TRIPLC (5622) - Greatest Opportunity Ever Remain Din't Notice (RM 1.95 Dividend)


Last Friday just announce proposed RM 1.95 dividend but many din't notice as this is not a Hot stock. But to make it simple, this stock worth easily above RM 2.80 as they will have cash of RM 3.03 (RM 210 million) from the sell to PUNCAK.

To cut short, this company will sitting cash per share RM 3.03 (RM210) nett cash no debt and everything.

Current price RM 2.30 if dint move until entitle dividend will be RM 2.30 - RM 1.95 = RM 0.35.

However don't forget the company have cash RM 3.03 which mean RM 3.03 (cash) - RM 1.95 (dividend ) = RM 1.08 (cash still in hand)

Which mean If price only RM 2.30, if entitle dividend at this price will be left RM 0.35, which is still 3 x cheaper compare to the cash they have RM 1.08.

Last chance before everything notice the big cash value still haven't be notice.

Dont forget if they take over some business later, or being take over by other good company like TECNIC - ROHAS case, it will surely big up some more !

See picture below on TECNIC case !


Picture tell no more debt, only cash. 


Tecnic also same sell business and give cash out, and price up double after cash out twice dividend, and later ROHAS take over it and go up again !