PETGAS (6033) - Gas price hike 2018 impacts Rubber, Steel stocks


First Rubber counter was hit by strengthing of MYR.
Then Rubber, steel counter hit by Gas price hike 2018.
Top Glov, Kossan, steel counters sentiment was hit by gas price hike 2018. The gas price will hike up to 18% from 1st January 2018 to 30th June 2018, the hike is no joke, it would rise the cost of manufacturing significantly. However glove maker will increase glove price to cover the rising cost, so it may not significantly impact the earning.
The most benefited stock from natural gas price hike is abviously PETGAS, GASMSIA. With 18% higher price, imaging how much these 2 gas giant will earn.

PETGAS price went down from RM22 to RM16 (27% discount)  just within a year despite stable earnings.