[Alex™] On best trading platform

 When I study those U.S. live trading platform, they have their TA chart, buy/sell limit order, long/short, and great market depth (more than 5 bids).

It's a shame that retail trader at Bursa only allows one way of trading, i.e., long (buy). In year 2018, I'm exploring margin financing, as I've been trading on cash for a slow and steady start to test things out.

I need recommendation and your input on these things

1) must have limit order function. It's a shame that my m2u can't even set a limit sell stop function.

2) market depth. Some platform as a start gives only 3 market depths (buy/sell bids). It's very annoying. I want at least 5.

3) TA chart. My m2u RSI setting is bugged as the custom setting is not saved every time I closed. Also, I prefer if the in-house TA chart can be displayed alongside with market depth (buy bid/ask). As of now, I need to keep switching in and out between windows to trade. Why not everything in one page? Alex cheapsake only got 1 monitor. Sadding.

4) margin financing. My capital size is 100k (please don't laugh at me cool). I'm looking for around 25% margin. I'd appreciate if you can recommend the most attractive platform I should use. Collateral: cash/securities

5) A place for me to practice short. So, preferably if such platform/broker also provide futures trading. I'm looking at commodity market for now (sry out of topic a bit, because we're at i3investor, or gambler hehe).

Ok, finished my ranting. Huat ar 2018~ It's amazing that I survived last year going to sleep every night without hardstops. I don't want to take that risk again.

What platform do you use? And what changes/improvement you want to see for our klse trading?