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At the time this blog create, price now at RM 1.10 (syariah)

Some traders and investor say this stock very manipulate and some rumours say this company will take private at price around RM 1.40-RM1.60. True or not, just decide for your own self. But all traders have same objective to get a profit. Some say this stock CNI stock to rally. CNI will be on 16 February 2018. Means that we have 6 weeks left.

Base my calculation, study and prediction, this stock in bull market (January) will reach RM 1.25 and during week CNI 12-15 Febuary, this stock will reach to RM 1.40 maximum before any news come out like private or not. Hold power must strong for this stock. This price already include any correction. True or not just decide ourself.

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