JAKS (4723) and SENDAI (5205) : My top picks - Grace Chang

 Jaks and Eversendai will rise more than 100% this year. Investors must be able to learn that future profit is the most important catalyst for share price growth.

If you are desperate for money and you are a short-term investor, you should sell, sell all. Bear in mind that statistics shows that long term investors made more money than short term investors. Thus, I strongly advise all of you to accumulate Jaks and Eversendai, even with all your life savings or some profit from Hengyuan.

There are many large shareholders that are buying Jaks and Eversendai. You must be able to see why rich investors are buying and you must follow their moves.

Investors must note that when the CEO and substantial shareholders are buying, it means the share price is undervalued. You must be able to see this with your analysis.