(Icon) A Warning To Mr. Bear


* This artice was originally published on 24 August 2015. I am reproducing it to welcome Mr. Bear's come back (after last round being defeated by us kow kow) *

Dear Mr. Bear,

You have a lot of fun recently.

You growl, you thunder, you bare your fangs.

You scared many people. But you can't scare me.


I dare you to drag FBMKLCI down to 1,500, to 1,000, to 500, to 250.

I dare you to drag our banking system into a crisis.

I dare you to drag our economy into a recession.

I have got all my bullets ready. And I am going to fire at you.

Bullet after bullet. Round after round.

I will be patient, I will be slow, I will be determined.

But I will defeat you.

You will become my dinner. You will become Bear Rendang. You will become Bear Sashimi. You will become Bear Burger. You will become Bear Satay.

You have been warned.