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 Sometimes it's funny that people rant in the comments section of the stock. It just shows how immature you are and maybe you shouldn't be investing in the stock market. At times we were accused of pushing the stock price down. Seriously? Do you think we are KWSP or KWAP or LTH? We wouldn't care much if we were that big...

The reasons we think that some of you guys are angry is because:-

1. You really did not buy Sapura at the bottom and you've chickened out all the way to RM0.75

2. You exit at RM0.520

3. You still have lots bought at RM1.00 and still holding

4. You just want to show off and prove us wrong because the stock went up

5. You are not a long term investor and do not understand the company that well

6. You just love to argue with people because you are lonely

As we said early and we admit that we really made a lot of money with Sapura Energy. Sapura isn't the right stock to make an investment but it is definitely one of the best so far listed in Bursa that provides tonnes of trading opportunity. The only thing missing is the opportunity to do short selling!

Until today we think that Sapura might still continue to decline in years to come as under Najib's administration. The oil and gas sector funding and capital expenditure by the government would eventually be reduced as our reliance towards the oil and gas sector had lessen.

Needless to say political reasons are contributing to oil and gas exclusion from the national growth plans (story for another day).

Again plenty of arrows pointing towards the sustainability or longevity of this company and that is why we try to advise retail investors not to hold on to this stock for years and years thinking that it would go back to the prime years of 2013.

Until today, we never said stuff like do not trade around with this stock. If you have the ability or the courage to earn this kind of money then its all up to you. No point flinging your comments around telling people how cool you are.

Plenty of market participants doesn't have a minute to minute eye on the market and things can go wrong fast. This is why we never recommend bad fundamental stocks for trading to retail.

As for those who call us sharks? Thank you. We Siakap saje!

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