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 [MI EQUIPMENT HOLDINGS BHD,全球半导体设备行业的前景令人鼓舞]


- 槟城Bayan Lepas新工厂暨办公室的建设 - RM65m(12个月)
- 在槟城Batu Kawan建造新工厂和办公室 - RM75m(30个月)
-R&D - RM6m(24个月)
- 工作资本 - 3700万令吉(36个月)
- 上市费用 - 800万令吉(1个月)


槟城Bayan Lepas现有租赁厂房面积40020平方英尺,每月8台机器。建设完成后,Bayan Lepas工厂的建筑面积约为200000平方英尺,预计生产建筑面积为90000平方英尺。预计在2019年第一季度完工后,他们计划将产能提高至每月45台。

这集团于二零一七年七月三十一日设立Mi Precision来进行精密零件的制造业务。 Mi Precision预计将于2018年第二季度开始运作。

他们打算在2020年通过建设Batu Kawan工厂进一步扩大产能。它的建筑面积约为250000平方英尺,预计生产面积为140000平方英尺,每月可生产45台机器。他们预计在2019年第三季度开始建设工厂,并在2020年第三季度完工。预计将于2020年第四季度开工。


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James Ng

They expect to use the proceeds from the IPO amounting to approximately RM190.89m in this manner (http://www.bursamalaysia.com/…/company-announcements/5804857):

-construction of new factory cum office in Bayan Lepas, Penang - RM65m (12 months)
-Construction of new factory cum office in Batu Kawan, Penang - RM75m (30 months)
-R&D - RM6m (24 months)
-Working capital - RM37m (36 months)
-listing expenses - RM8m (1 month)

The board recommend and distribute at least 20% of PAT as dividend.

Current rented factory in Bayan Lepas, Penang, has a floor space of 40020 sqft, with eight machines per month. Upon completion of construction, the Bayan Lepas Factory will have floor space of approximately 200000 sqft with an expected production floor space of 90000 sqft. They are planning to increase production capacity to up to 45 machines per month following expected completion in first quarter of 2019.

The Group had on 31 July 2017 incorporated Mi Precision to venture into the manufacturing of precision fabricated parts. Mi Precision expects to commence in second quarter of 2018.

They intend to further expand production capacity in 2020 by building the Batu Kawan Factory. It will have a floor space of approximately 250000 sqft with an expected production floor space of 140000 sqft and produce up to 45 machines per month. They expect to commence construction of the factory by third quarter of 2019 and to complete by third quarter of 2020. It is expected to commence by fourth quarter of 2020.

The outlook of the global semiconductor equipment industry remains encouraging as it is continuously driven by the positive prospects and uptrend demand for electronic products which in turn supports the demand for semiconductors, and that subsequently drives the demand for semiconductor equipment. With the Group’s track record and technical capabilities, as well as its global clients’ portfolio expansion with more intensive sales and marketing activities, the Group is poised to strengthen its presence in the WLCSP sorting machine industry and tap on the positive impact of increasing global demand for electronics and semiconductor products to drive its future growth. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Board expects the financial performance for the current year to be satisfactory.

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