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与2018年一季度相似,2018年第二季度的收入和毛利下降主要是由于绿盛世旗下子公司承担的大部分初始销售阶段的物业项目已交出 - 自2017年第二季度以来,已接近7,500个单位交付给客户。本季度,EcoWorld International Berhad(EWI)继续录得盈利前亏损(对比2017年二季度的盈利),主要是由于外汇变动的影响。

绿盛世附属公司于二零一八年第二季度录得较低收入及毛利。二零一八年第二季的PBT低于二零一七年第二季的录得金额,主要归因于于二零一七年第一季产生的稀释Paragon Pinnacle股权之盈利收益。

二零一八年第二季的收入及毛利低于二零一八年第一季,主要由于本财政年度第一季于Eco Sky交付Towers A&B及于农历新年节日期间工程进展放缓。

在大马第14届大选(GE14)之后,购买势头减弱。 GE14结果的不确定性导致许多客户在4月份一直到2018年5月初都没有购买。2018年5月继续是销售方面的一个非常安静的月份,因为大多数马来西亚人仍然陷入了选举后新闻热的困境。
我希望将我的策略分享给读者,希望他们在阅读后能够表现出色。我正在使用基本面分析(Fundamental Analysis):

预计公司每年的增长率必须> 14%


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Similar to 1Q 2018, the lower revenue and gross profit in 2Q 2018 arose mainly because the majority of the projects undertaken by the Group’s subsidiaries have handed over the initial phases of properties sold – since 2Q 2017, close to 7,500 units have been / are in the process of being delivered to customers. For the current quarter, EcoWorld International Berhad (EWI) continued to record a pre-profit recognition loss in contrast to the gain taken up in 2Q 2017, largely due to the effect of foreign exchange movements.

2Q YTD 2018 vs 2Q YTD 2017:
The Group’s subsidiaries recorded lower revenue and gross profit in 2Q YTD 2018. PBT for 2Q YTD 2018 was lower than the amount recorded in 2Q YTD 2017 largely due to the inclusion of a gain on dilution of equity interest in Paragon Pinnacle which arose in 1Q 2017.

2Q 2018 revenue and gross profits were lower than 1Q 2018 mainly due to the handover of Towers A&B at Eco Sky during the 1st quarter of the financial year and slower progress of works during the Chinese New Year Festive season.

After the country’s 14th General Election (GE14), buying momentum waned. Uncertainties on the outcome of GE14 caused many customers to hold back from making commitments to purchase in the month of April up until early May 2018. May 2018 continued to be a very quiet month on the sales front as most Malaysians were still caught up with post-election news fever.
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the forecasted growth of a company must > 14% per year

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