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This article first appeared in Investips.my Blog & Facebook, on July 25, 2018.

Eonmetall主要业务为1) 钢架系统制造商(steel racking),2)制造palm oil solvent extraction plant.

近期,Eonmetall和Gonvarri Material handling AS合作制造’Constructor’品牌的static racking products.


该产品主要用于warehouse or distribution centre,因越来越多货品都通过电子商务(ecommerce)方式交易,所以未来对warehouse or distribution centre需求将有所提升。


该公司也预计花费大约RM30M设立two steel racking plants于Bangladesh and China.

除此之外,该公司也通过built-operate-transfer (BOT)的方式获得建造10个palm oil solvent extraction plant的合约。预计该项目需投资大约RM70M。在这之前,油棕公司会花费制造费用。现在,改为built-operate-transfer方式,油棕公司不必给于高昂费用,Eonmetall本身负责制造成本,然后通过profit-sharing方式与油棕公司分享盈利。

Palm Fibre Oil Extraction Plant, a plant designed and equipped to extract the residual oil from palm-pressed fibre by means of solvent. A food grade solvent known as hexane is used to extract the remaining 5% - 6% of residual crude palm oil (CPO) available in palm-pressed fibre, thereby enhancing oil extraction rate (OER) by 0.5%.

Palm Kernel Oil Extraction (PKOE) Plant, is designed to extract the oil from kernel cake by means of solvent. This shall extract an additional 3% PKO.

Kim Loong Resources Berhad于2007年成为该公司第一名安装palm fibre oil extraction plant的顾客。https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2007/11/28/eonmetall-eyes-rm35bil-sales/

所以未来1-2年里,Eonmetall预计会花费RM100M (30M two steel racking plants, 70M 10 unit palm oil solvent extraction plant),这大约是其目前市值.


Eonmetall RM0.515/share, 市值RM96.97M, p/e 6.3, NTA RM0.99/share, ROR 8.21%


CPO price


    More detail disclosed 10 unit palm oil solvent extraction plant contract


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