KPS (5843) - Breaking news!! SPLASH is Done!!!! KPS unlocks more than rm900m

 Kuala Lumpur : Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad is looking to set the record straight with the imminent take over of Splash by Federal Government within weeks from now.

The deal will see KPS unlocking a cash warchest of more than rm 900 million which will be putting the company into a very attractive position to any investor. At rm 1.76, the market capitalization of KPS is around rm 945 million, and the cash pile of more than rm 900 million will be a snub for any investor.

KPS is positive on the deal going through before the ending of July 2018. This is in line with all the minister pledge from the federal government and Selangor State Government to resolve this pending issue that had plague Selangor for more than 4 years.

KPS is expected to continue to be in the highlights in the local equity scene with more announcement to come in the future.